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Almond's Milk

Badam Ka Doodh (बादाम का दूध )

Recipe: Badam Ka Doodh Badam ka doodh is a delicious combination of almonds and milk. it palso have the unique… Continue reading »

Suji Ki kheer-(सूजी की खीर) Recipe

A perfect baby food from toddlers to any age. Suji ki kheer(semolina mix) is very light on stomach and delicious… Continue reading »

Holi Gulab Doodh

Holi Gulab Doodh or Say ROSE MILK Beat the scorching summer heat with this healthy rose milk. A beverage for… Continue reading »

Carrot,Baby Corn and Broccoli Vegetable with Milk

BBC(Babycorn,Brocoli,Carrots) Vegetable This dish is low in fat despite what the name “creamy” vegetables may suggest. Accompany these creamy vegetables… Continue reading »