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Kidney Beans in Chapatis

Sometimes, we do not know what to do with leftover chapatis of last night. This recipe is dedicated to our… Continue reading »

Roti(Chapati) Noodles Recipe

Sometimes, when we go to kitchen in the morning, we saw there are some leftover chapatis and do not know what… Continue reading »

Tortilla Pizza (Chapati Pizza)

Tortilla Pizza : Chapatis or tortillas topped with tomatoes, onions and cheese cooked on a griddle (tava). So, quick to… Continue reading »

Stuffed Arbi(Colocasia) with green chillies

Stuffed Arbi(Colocasia) with green chillies. Its just awesome. Its simple, delicious and you can eat it as a snack or as a vegetable(sabji)… Continue reading »