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Banoffee Shake

Banoffee Shake

Treat yourself with this delicious combination of bananas, milk and yoghurt! Don’t miss the COFFEE. BANOFFEE Shake Ingredients:- 1.) 1… Continue reading »

Banana and Gingerbread Slices

Gingerbread and Banana Cuts

Gingerbread and Banana Cuts

Banana Ice Cream

Ice Cream e Banana

Recipe: Banana Ice Cream Summary: A delicious ice cream for all banana and vanilla ice-cream lovers. Kids will not be… Continue reading »

Vanilla Banana Smothie

Banana Shake

Banana Shake Banana Shake can be a healthy snack which can be taken almost any time. Most of the working… Continue reading »

Cucumber and Banana Salad

Cucumber and Banana Salad Summary: Cucumbers are a good source of B vitamins.By eating a banana you can Indulge your… Continue reading »