How to Cook Healthy Food


It is very important that you always know your food and how to cook healthy food so that all nutrients can be reserved.

Use Smart Fats:

Not all fat is bad. But try using unsaturated fat such as olive oil over saturated fat such as butter. Ensure using them in limits as fats in any form contain calories.

Opt for Unrefined:

Choose whole grains like brown rice over refined grains. Whole grains have their bran intact, contain more magnesium, fiber, zinc, B vitamins & other essential nutrients.

Consume enough Fruits and Vegetables:

Many of us don’t consume it enough. We should include fruits & vegetables in a variety of colors to get enough antioxidants & vitamins.Health is Wealth

It is not always about the Meat:

Meat is a rich source of proteins and at the same time it leads to the collection of unsaturated fats in our body. Try consuming it in fewer amounts and fill your appetite with other healthy vegetables etc.

Opt for Low Fat Dairy:

Milk & dairy products like milk, cream & yogurt are a rich source of calcium. But replacing these whole-milk dairy items with low fat dairy products help you cut down on saturated fat in your diet to a great extent.

These few healthy cooking secrets are sure to savor your taste buds without any compromise. You will end up enjoying what you are eating and when you enjoy what you eat you will feel satisfied.

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