Banoffee Shake

Treat yourself with this delicious combination of bananas, milk and yoghurt! Don’t miss the COFFEE.



1.) 1 tbsp – Coffee powder (of your choice)

2.) 1 cup chilled milk

3.) 2 bananas, chopped

4.) 2 tbsp chilled curd/yogurt 5.) 2 tbsp chocolate ice cream

6.) some ice cubes 7.) 2 tbsp sugar (Optional & add according to taste)

NOTE: For kids omit Coffee. (Please!)

Method:- 1.Stir the coffee into 1 tbsp hot water until dissolved.

2.In a blender, blend together milk, coffee decoction, bananas, curds, 1 tbsp vanilla ice cream, ice and sugar until smooth and frothy.

3. Pour into a glass bottle or a glass.

4. Serve in a bottle, glass, cup as per your wish.


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