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Paneer Tikka (Home Style)

PANEER TIKKA (Home Style) Summary: Complemented by fresh spinach and ginger, these little panee tikka cubes are the the perfect veggie… Continue reading »

Aloo Matar Chaat

Aloo Matar Chaat

Aloo Matar Chaat Summary: The interplay of soft green peas(matar) with crisped potato cubes is a delight to behold and savour,… Continue reading »

Garlic Roti

Garlic Roti

Recipe: Garlic Roti Summary: An anti-hypertensive food, garlic is rich in compounds that prevent the thickening of blood and clogging… Continue reading »

Crumbly tortilla Pizza

Crumbly Tortilla Pizza

Recipe: Crumbly Tortilla Pizza Summary: Crisped and crumbledchapathis topped with tomatoes, onions and loads of cheese, the crumbled tortilla pizza… Continue reading »

Carrot Sandwich with green chutney

Carrot and Green Chutney Sandwich

Carrot and Green Chutney Sandwich A fastest and easiest recipe made from carrots and cottage cheese(paneer) with green chutney …. Continue reading »